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Placement period:

05.03.2013 - 24.03.2013

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Vacancy name:

Systems Analyst

Sphere of activity /
Category of difficulty:

Science, education / Teacher

Job description:

∙ Analyze information processing or computation needs and plan and design computer systems, using techniques such as structured analysis, data modeling and information engineering.
∙ Assess the usefulness of pre-developed application packages and adapt them to a user environment.
∙ Define the goals of the system and devise flow charts and diagrams describing logical operational steps of programs
∙ Develop, document and revise system design procedures, test procedures, and quality standards.
∙ Prepare cost-benefit and return-on-investment analyses to aid in decisions on system implementation
∙ Specify inputs accessed by the system and plan the distribution and use of the results
∙ Coordinate and link the computer systems within an organization to increase compatibility and so information can be shared
∙ Consult with Users to ensure agreement on system principles.
∙ Test, maintain, and monitor computer programs and systems, including coordinating the installation of computer programs and systems.
∙ Use object-oriented programming languages, as well as client/server applications development processes and multimedia and Internet technology.
∙ Expand or modify system to serve new purposes or improve work flow.
∙ Interview or survey workers, observe job performance and/or perform the job in order to determine what information is processed and how it is processed.
∙ Determine computer software or hardware needed to set up or alter systems.
∙ Manage a team of programmers assigned to a project
∙ To undertake other duties at a similar level of responsibility and challenge as and when required in consultation with the Learning Resources Manager - IT

^ Job requirements




Doesn't matter


Tashkent (preferred)

^ Educational background:

Higher education degree

Professional requirements:

Aptitudes, abilities, skills and personal qualities 

∙ Must enjoy solving problems and weighing up the pros and cons of different solutions 
∙ To be able to solve challenging computer and information science problems using relevant theory, techniques and knowledge of software and computer systems
∙ Strong knowledge of object-oriented programming languages
∙ Must have strong communication skills to enable you to work closely with staff at all levels throughout an organisation, including managers and IT specialists and also the people who will use the system day-to-day
∙ Strong skills of providing software application trainings and seminars 

The university offers a range of University of Westminster validated courses students are registered on the University of Westminster Student Record System and their academic performance and progression is subject to University of Westminster academic regulations and processes. The University is an Independent Institution and has its own business needs and systems. The need is to develop these academic and business systems so that the University is able manage its development and is efficient in the delivery of its decisions.


∙ Management Information Systems Degree - Bachelor of Science or relevant 
∙ Have several years' experience of working in an IT department
∙ Strong knowledge of a real world applications 

∙ At least 2 year experience in Management Information Systems or Computer Systems Analyst position

^ Work conditions


Uzbekistan / Tashkent



^ Salary offered:


Additional motivation:

This is a new post created to help the University understand and develop its business processing and student support systems. It will require a customer focused perspective in the analysis and development of issues and solutions relating to the processing of student information through the Student Record System (SRS), and the related interfaces with the business processing systems of the University. In addition there may be supervisory responsibilities for computer programmers

Additional information

Additional information:

The university has developed an environment and a set of policies that encourages the development of a professional relationship amongst all colleagues in particular it wishes to promote a professional relationship with all staff that encourages a commitment to and delivery of an assured level of quality of administration and support. This requires a culture of mutual respect, personal responsibility and a commitment to the highest standards of professional engagement.Education: Minimum Masters or equivalent professional qualification in relevant areas preferably from an international university/professional body.


Systems Analyst


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