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Vacancy information

Placement period:

29.08.2013 - 27.09.2013

Company name:


Vacancy name:

Business Development and Corporate Relations

Sphere of activity /
Category of difficulty:

Science, education / Specialist

Job description:

• To help manage the implementation of the marketing strategy, in particular to maintain Corporate Relations, Business Development;
• To help develop as part of the marketing strategy the university approach to its relationship to corporations, in seeking projects for realisation; 
• To handle promotions and corporate relations;
• To develop new business strategies and establish corporate networks;
• To work with Faculty and other departments to provide information and coordinate Corporate courses;
• To gather database of customers' markets;
• To assist in the daily operations of the department – inquires, regional visits;
• To undertake appropriate duties as required and in consultation with the 1st Deputy Rector Academic.

^ Job requirements




Doesn't matter


Tashkent (preferred)

^ Educational background:

Higher education degree

Professional requirements:

• First degree in the area of Marketing or a degree which contains a substantial element of marketing or social science degree;
• Be competent in English, Uzbek, Russian both oral and written;
• Excellent communication, presentation and customer service skills;
• Good ICT skills;
• Exposure to marketing practice, preferably in education or an industry that is related to professional practice;
• Innovative, and dynamic, with a practical approach;
• Evidence of some dealings with organisations and corporate clients;
• Evidence working within teams;
• An understanding of the educational environment or similar professional environments;
• An ability to think strategically and creatively, able to adopt ideas and to produce practical results;
• A strong sense of corporate commitment to the mission and objectives of the University; 

Context of the post
WIUT is a new and different university. The university needs to promote and inform the markets it serves. As a new university there is a requirement for market intelligence and informed decision making on the nature of the market. The market research should underpin marketing and promotion of the university, as well as programme development. The publications should be contemporary in design, reflecting world standards informative and sensitive to the culture within which the university operates. The post will be part of a team of people who will be at the forefront of marketing practice for the University.

^ Work conditions


Uzbekistan / Tashkent



^ Salary offered:


Additional motivation:

This job description does not form part of the employee's contract of employment but is provided for guidance. The precise duties and responsibilities of any job may be expected to change over time. Job holders should be consulted over any proposed changes to this job description before implementation.

^ Additional information

Additional information:

The university is a high profile institution and requires close and careful management in external arenas. The university will attract attention and will need to promote its interests in a range of areas and with a number of external agencies. There is a need for a high level corporate management of the relationship with such agencies. The influence of the media is growing and will be an important source of promotion and distraction for the University. The post is an important contribution to the management of the external affairs of the University one of whose functions is to represent, promote and manage the external face of the University. In addition the post also covers internal communications, an area that can influence and be influenced by external events.
Education: Minimum Masters or equivalent professional qualification in relevant areas preferably from an international university/professional body.

Only fully completed applications made on the University application form will be considered 
for more informations about the procedure visit the web-site http://www.wiut.uz/en/university/staff/

Special resume form:

This vacancy requires to send resume in special form.
Download file of resume special form.


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Vacancy information iconVacancy information

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