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Placement period:

29.08.2013 - 11.09.2013

Company name:


Vacancy name:

Academic Registrar

Sphere of activity /
Category of difficulty:

Science, education / Manager

Job description:

Principal Responsibilities

• To contribute to the strategic development and operation of the University
• To lead the development of and to manage the functions and ensure the operational effectiveness of the Academic Registrars Office.
• To manage professional colleagues in the Academic Registrars office, to ensure that they are able to reflect and engage in continuous professional development
• To ensure the absolute integrity and accuracy of all information relating to the students period of study and the future proofing of all graduate records
• To ensure the absolute integrity of the application of the Universities academic regulations and those of its validating partners – namely the University of Westminster
• To provide intelligence and analysis on the development and application of Academic Policies, to review and propose new Academic Policies where appropriate
• To manage the operation of the Academic Council, its Standing Committees and related working groups and associated processes
• To ensure that the development and integrity of the Student Record System(s) and that it meets international norms and is future proofed for the growth of the University
• To develop appropriate information systems that support the academic administrative management of the University and that they interface with other systems of the University.
• To ensure that absolute security of all student related data contained and generated by such information systems
• To provide intelligence as required on the performance of the Student body, such intelligence to support the strategic and operational development of the university
• To provide appropriate customer facing administrative services for future students, students and graduates of WIUT/UoW.
• To ensure accurate, timely and customer friendly information on the Universities academic and student related policies.
• To work with all professional colleagues in the University in particular senior faculty members, Heads of Operational divisions and members of the Executive.
• To undertake any other duties as required by the 1st Deputy Rector

^ Job requirements




Doesn't matter


Tashkent (preferred)

^ Educational background:

Higher education degree

Professional requirements:

Person Specification
The appointee should be able to demonstrate the following:
• A higher Degree preferably from an International University, preferably in Education/Management or related areas
• English to high standard equivalent of an Academic Post

• At least 5 years' experience of administrative support, preferably in an educational institution
• 3 years experience of Managing colleagues
• 3 years experience of Policy development and analysis experience

Aptitudes, Abilities, Skills and Personal Qualities
• An understanding of the need to develop systems and an ability to translate business needs to system requirements
• Analytical and synthesis skills, leading to the development of Policy and Practice
• Logic and operational focus enabling the development of customers focused processes
• Excellent report writing skill.
• Communication skills with a professional audience, and an ability to translate complex arguments to a range of audiences
• Good interpersonal, presentational and social skills
• Strength of mind and absolute integrity

^ Work conditions


Uzbekistan / Tashkent



^ Salary offered:


Additional motivation:

The post is a member of the University Executive and an ex-officio member of the Academic Council. The post reports to the 1st Deputy Rector (Academic) a University of Westminster employee. 
CONTEXT: This post is not a new post. It has however grown in complexity and range with the growth and development of the university. The Academic Registrar's office has been reshaped in April 2012 with a set of Senior Management Post that report to the Academic Registrar. These posts reflect the growth and to future proof for future growth in the University and the need to develop and focus on the management as well as the administration of the University. The Academic Registrar will be responsible to ensure that the function of the Academic Registrars office delivers to the strategic and operational imperatives in the development and growth of the University. It is therefore a leadership post and a senior management post, enabling and developing the professional competencies and delivery of colleagues. It requires working across the university and with the Executive Managers of the University to endure that the University meets its Strategic and Operational goals. It is also has a key interfacing role with the University of Westminster, ensuring that the partnership and the requirements of the University of Westminster are met and match those of WIUT.

Additional information

Additional information:

Education: Minimum Masters or equivalent professional qualification in relevant areas preferably from an international university/professional body.

Only fully completed applications made on the University application form will be considered 


for more informations about the procedure visit the web-site http://www.wiut.uz/en/university/staff/

Special resume form:

This vacancy requires to send resume in special form.
Download file of resume special form


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