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Placement period:

19.09.2013 - 02.10.2013

Company name:


Vacancy name:

Student Support Officer – Counseling Psychologist

Sphere of activity /
Category of difficulty:

Science, education / Specialist

Job description:

Principle accountabilities: 

• Acts as a campus resource on psychology and represents counseling services in the university community.
• Conducts interviews with students who request counseling services and completes the required clinical documentation within the same day.
• Provides individual and group counseling to students on a scheduled basis or through crisis intervention. 
• Maintains up-to-date clinical documentation.
• Consults with line managers and staff as needed. 
• Provides consultation to staff, faculty, and parents seeking assistance with troubled students or those with serious mental health issues. 
• Attends training seminars, staff meetings and supervision on a weekly basis and in a prompt manner. 
• Interacts with staff and students in a professional and ethical manner.
• Commits to a full-time or a part-time job. 
• Participates in supervision and training with an openness to learning and receiving feedback. 
• Utilizes psychodiagnostic assessment procedures and psychometric methods to conduct psychotherapy as needed. 
• To deliver the support service in a professional and competent manner.
• To engage in professional development in support of the service.
• To help develop the range and quality of provision in student support.
• To ensure University's Senior Officials are aware of major issues that may affect University's reputation, as well as the environment for students.
• To undertake appropriate duties as required and in consultation with University's Senior Officials.

^ Job requirements




Doesn't matter


Tashkent (preferred)

^ Educational background:

Higher education degree

Professional requirements:

Person specification – the person appointed to this post should be able to demonstrate the following essential elements

• A doctoral degree in the field, preferably from an international university.
• Be preferably competent in English to a high standard to that of Academic staff as well as Uzbek and Russian.
• Advanced knowledge and skills in counseling practices and methods.
• Ability to present oneself in an appropriately personable and professional manner to students and staff.
• Ability to establish rapport with others as a requisite for healthy and therapeutic relationships.
• Ability to receive and utilize constructive feedback regarding performance, presentation and relationships with others.
• Ability to be both consistent and flexible as circumstances warrant.
• Ability to effectively weigh and evaluate personal needs, client needs and the aims and policies of the University and to respond and negotiate these competing needs as appropriate.
• Ability to communicate via computer email.
• A professional interest in an area of student support.
• An understanding of the educational environment or similar professional environments.
• A strong sense of corporate commitment to the mission and objectives of the University. 
• An interest in and willingness to seek to develop through the support of the project with the University of Westminster.

^ Work conditions


Uzbekistan / Tashkent



^ Salary offered:


Additional motivation:

Excellent professional community, research opportunities

^ Additional information

Additional information:

CContext of the post

WIUT is modelled on the best practices of UK/International universities. The university owes a duty of care to its students, this duty of care requires the development and provision of professional support services. These services will support students in their learning, providing confidence that in times of need there is support, as well as providing opportunities for personal development outside of their formal requirements as students. Particularly for announced position this means a service that helps students with physical, emotional, and mental disorders improve well being, alleviate distress and 
maladjustment, and resolve crises. In addition, practitioners in this professional specialty provide assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of psychopathology. The service will need to be developed and will be an example for other universities to consider. The post requires a person of professional integrity and vision as well as practical approach.

Only fully completed applications made on the University application form will be considered 


Special resume form:

This vacancy requires to send resume in special form.
Download file of resume special form.


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