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Placement period:

18.12.2013 - 16.01.2014

Company name:


Vacancy name:

Deputy Dean on the Learning Environment

Sphere of activity /
Category of difficulty:

Science, education / Head (chief) of division

Job description:

(i) To enhance the quality of the student learning experience on the courses of the University, with a focus on Undergraduate courses
(ii) Responsible for the Curriculum Development strategy and its implementation of Undergraduate Courses to ensure Course cohesion and integrity plus fitness for the external environment
(iii) To ensure the Quality Enhancement of the Courses in particular the quality of the Student Experience and the Graduate profile 
(iv) To ensure the fit and development of Undergraduate courses to the needs of all stakeholders To assist in the development of the Undergraduate courses to respond to the emerging needs of time/society in Uzbekistan and worldwide
(v) The Coordination of UG Course Leaders, UG Course and Course Teams which would include the management of UG courses including time tabling and to also assist the Dean of Teaching and Learning in Course Leaders performance appraisal, 
(vi) To work with the Deputy Dean responsible for Post Graduate courses so that there is consistency in the systems and procedures across all courses
(vii) To assist the Dean of Teaching and Learning develop the Teaching and Learning Strategy of the University
(viii) To be responsible for the learning Environment strategy as part of the Teaching and Learning Strategy and its implementation to ensure a dynamic and stimulating student experience
(ix) To develop and implement the system of student academic support and guidance with a focus on diversifying student experience
(x) To facilitate the Quality Assurance processes in the faculty including annual Monitoring, QA audits, other internal QA procedures as required. 
(xi) To engage in the structures of the Academic Council and University Corporate structures and projects
(xii) To be a member of the Faculty Management Team, sharing cross faculty and where required cross university responsibilities
(xiii) To maintain a personal profile in teaching and research
(xiv) To engage in the Corporate Development of WIUT and its communities
(xv) To represent WIUT though collaborations, partnerships, conferences, and professional bodies in Uzbekistan and internationally.
(xvi) To maintain contact and liaise with the Deputy Dean on Learning Environment 
(xvii) To perform other responsibilities as requested by the Dean of Teaching and Learning

^ Job requirements




Doesn't matter


Tashkent (preferred)

^ Educational background:

Higher education degree

Professional requirements:

Candidates must be able to demonstrate the evidence of: 

• Candidates are expected to hold a higher degree, preferably a PhD and/or relevant professional qualification, preferably from an international institute of Higher Education HE.
• Candidates should be fluent in English either with 6.5 IELTS or a subject qualification taught and assessed in English as per the policy on Academic staff.

• An understanding of the requirements for teaching in H.E. in an international environment.
• A specialist interest and output in teaching and research
• An understanding of Quality Enhancement process and the application to educational processes
• An understanding of Professional Development requirements and delivery for Academic staff
• An understanding and experience in policy formulation and execution
• Experience in managing people or in a position of influence and leadership
• Excellence in teaching 
• Excellent writing and reporting skills
• Good interpersonal skills, including presentation and communication skills
• Appropriate level of computer literacy.

Aptitudes, abilities, skills and personal qualities

• The applicants will need to demonstrate their commitment, flexibility, passion and enthusiasm for the subject area.
• Willingness to learn and adapt, be proactive as well as responsive to the needs of the University and its community of scholars, students and staff.
• Open and engaging to contemporary developments in Higher Education and a passion to stretch the boundaries of teaching quality

^ Work conditions


Uzbekistan / Tashkent



^ Salary offered:


Additional information

Additional information:

TThe post is a senior member of the Faculty and has the prime responsibility for the enhancement of the quality of the Student Learning and Undergraduate Course development of the Faculty, through the continuous review and enhancement of the Quality of Courses. This will require the Coordination of Course Leaders and courses including line management responsibilities as delegated by the Dean of Teaching and Learning.


The university has developed an environment and a set of policies that encourages the development of a professional relationship amongst all colleagues in particular it wishes to promote a professional relationship with academic staff that encourages a commitment to and delivery of an assured level of quality of teaching, learning, research, scholarship and corporate engagement. This requires a culture of mutual respect, personal responsibility and a commitment to the highest standards of professional engagement.

There is one Faculty in the University with two Deans; a Dean of Teaching and Learning (responsible for Undergraduate courses) and a Dean of Research (responsible for Post Graduate courses). This post reports to the Dean of Teaching and Learning and was introduced after a review of the senior posts in the Faculty. The faculty consists of a grouping of subject areas and a set of Bachelor courses (plus Post Graduate courses). The faculty is managed on collegiate principles but with a senior faculty team of 6 (2 Deans and 4 Deputy Deans) and then a grouping of Subject Area Leaders and Course Leaders. This post of Deputy Dean is responsible for the Learning Environment including the Quality Enhancement of Learning, academic advice and the development of courses. Another Deputy Dean, the area of Teaching and Learning is responsible for the Teaching Environment. This flat structure enables the focused translation of policies and action to address the Quality of Teaching and the Quality of the student Learning Environment.


for more information about the procedure visit the web-site http://www.wiut.uz/en/university/staff/

for more information about the procedure visit the web-site http://www.wiut.uz/en/university/staff/

Special resume form:

This vacancy requires to send resume in special form.
Download file of resume special form.


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